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Took this for Fossati last night.  What do you think?  Any tips to improve it?

Took this for Fossati last night.  What do you think?  Any tips to improve it?

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I do know a lot of people who will do it for free, so please hurry up. (via clientsfromhell)
OMG Frustration with USPS

Dealing with USPS is unreal today.  I live downtown, so yes, I can understand how delivering mail can get confusing with hundreds of residences on each block, but this property has been here for 20+ years and we still can’t figure this out?

There are three entrances to my building because it’s a corner unit, the address is based on the main street it’s on.  The side entrance, my entrance, is on the cross street but still clearly part of the main property and STILL has an address the same as the other units, just a different apartment number.

So, outside I have a mailbox with MY number on it and a clearly marked door…  I still have yet to see a single piece of mail put in my mailbox.  Now I’ve got packages coming via USPS flatrate boxes, and what door do they knock on?  The neighbors of course who are never there..  then they leave, without ever delivering the package.

For the $45/hour or whatever ridiculous rate of money mail carriers make, is there no basic logic test?  I call the local post office over and over again, who claim I don’t properly mark my address… (I should add, for the past 3 months, I’ve been flat out making sure every piece of mail says “Apt 431 SIDE DOOR!!” AND permanantly put a note on the neighbors mailbox saying that mail addressed to me goes to the SIDE DOOR)

WTF is it gonna take to get someone to understand?  I finally caught up to a mail carrier last week on the street who looked lost and was knocking on a false door at a nearby unit, I asked him if he was looking for my address, and his response? “I’ve been doing this for 20 years, you don’t need to tell me how to do my job.” - wtf?  Seriously?  All I did was ask a question!

So today, I called yet again to ask about a package i’ve been waiting for since the 24th of February… mind you, on Thursday of last week I requested redelivery.. they said it would be here on Monday.  Okay, fine.. I’ll wait till Monday.  Today… mail came and went..)  SO, I called back and asked them about it…   the SAME guy that I talked to on Thursday answers..  I ask him to check on the package… he even says “Oh yeah, I remember you called last week…”  oh good… “Yeah, package is still here… we have a policy that we don’t redeliver after two attempts.” …  ”When I called on Thursday, you said it would be here on Monday”…  His response?

"The person you spoke to must have made a mistake.."   I’m sorry, wtf?   "Jamal, I spoke to you… you just said you remembered me and I even wrote your name on the redelivery slip!"   It get’s even weirder now… "You just think all us black people are the same person?"  - Seriously?  I feel like I’m in a Tracy Jordan/30 Rock dream scene.

I hesitated here with what to even say… “So you won’t redeliver it?” - “Nope” - “So does it get sent back to the original sender?” - “Eventually” - “When is eventually?” - “It should have happened already.” - “Has it?” - “Nope” - “Can I come pick it up tomorrow?” - “If it’s still here.” - “…. can you keep it there?” - “Oh, okay.”

So…  I realize the red-tape of the USPS will never change, but man what frustration… makes me want to get regular mail via Fedex now.  Now I have to travel OUT of the city by cab to this mail sorting shmergle to go pick it up.. what a waste of time and money. If the package weren’t of value i’d forget about it, but whatever.

That’s my rant for today…  so far.

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Greatest pickup line? Or GREATEST pickup line?

  • You: Hey baby, can I buy you a drink?
  • Her: Sorry, I have a boyfriend.
  • You: Really? I have a goldfish.
  • Her: What?
  • You: Oh sorry, I thought we were talking about shit that doesn't matter.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
So literally only half of that todo list got accomplished today…   here we go busy Wednesday.

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The Morning Update

So here we are…  Tuesday morning to-do list.. inevitably the longest todo list of the week usually, as I find new opportunities from Monday combined with existing plans for the week.

For the sake of confidentiality of some of what im working on, I’ve edited out any essentials.. but here’s Tuesdays list:

  • Review interviews of two client designers before publish
  • New client meeting at 3PM
  • Italy-based manufacturer meeting at 4PM
  • Existing Client sample review
  • Simple billing updates to make up for the short February month. (We’re nice.. February is a short month, so everyone gets an extra day or two before being rebilled)
  • Update interns on boutique newsletter and relationships
  • Meeting with new luxury e-boutique about partnership
  • Negotiate a deal with two leather suppliers, one italy based, one USA based.
  • Local client site design - Due Wednesday 3PM
  • Client Sample runthrough
  • Hire new intern for blog project
  • Ask around for a friend that needs a job in Center City Philadelphia

Decent day.. . Anyone wanna help with any of that? :)

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10ft vertical drop followed by 80 degree angle and a minefield of moguls.  Amazing fun! Glad I managed to get some skiing in. (yes, you go off the left in that picture… Straight down)

10ft vertical drop followed by 80 degree angle and a minefield of moguls. Amazing fun! Glad I managed to get some skiing in. (yes, you go off the left in that picture… Straight down)

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I guess Friskies is not really sure how to advertise cat food, so they just decided to advertise an acid trip instead.

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Russian Ice Dancing… WTF

Seriously with the rope around the waist?  How on earth the judges wouldn’t completely ignore any use of the rope in granting points amazes me.  They blatantly cheated… there was one move that absolutely couldn’t be done (from a physics point of view) without the use of the rope.

So cheap…